Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Latest News

  • Started work on my voice over demo CD: one two hour session to lay down a variety of commercial snippets. Ended up with more than two minutes, from upbeat retail to dialogue to comforting housewife. Now have to get some industry feedback, then add music, sound effects and condense to one minute. My voice over II teacher Jeff and his partner, both working voice over actors, helped me with every take and were quite complimentary. You can hear Jeff's demos at: or lots of demos at their agency,
  • RWA National accepted the workshop I proposed with RWA Hall of Fame author Jennifer Greene about persistence at any stage of your career. Now we need to come up with some great stuff to complete our outline.
  • Five more days left to vote in Round 3 of American Title II, Best Story Summary at thanks to everyone who has voted or plans to vote!
  • Almost finished with novel #7!! Less than 30 pages to go...

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