Friday, December 26, 2014

Press Release: Two Versions of At His Command Available 1/14/15



Award-winning author Ruth Kaufman publishes
two versions of the same book to target two romance genres

CHICAGO, Illinois (12-17-2014)

On January 14, 2015, award-winning author Ruth Kaufman publishes two versions of At His Command, her romance novel set in late medieval England. One version, inspirational, is mild or sweet with a faith element, and features the heroine on the cover. The hero is on the cover of the historical romance version, which opens the bedroom door and doesn’t have a faith element.

“I believe I’m the first author to target inspirational and non-inspirational romance readers at the same time. One group prefers romances to be sweet or mild with faith journeys for the hero and heroine. The other prefers hotter books and isn’t interested in books where faith plays a significant role,” Kaufman says. “This story, about a young widow who wants to defy the king’s command to marry the man he chooses and the battle-weary knight sent to protect her from undesirable suitors, works well in both sub-genres.”   

E-books are available for pre-order on The historical romance version is at, and the inspirational version is at
About the Author:

Chicago author, on-camera and voiceover talent, freelance editor and speaker Ruth Kaufman is available for appearances, interviews and/or book-signings. Contact Learn more at    

Thursday, December 18, 2014

At His Command e-books are on Amazon Pre-order!

Success! I figured out how create my Kindle Direct Publishing account and upload both e-book versions for pre-order.

The historical romance version, with the hero on the cover, is here.  The inspirational version, which features the heroine on the cover, is here. Pre-ordered e-books will automatically be delivered to Kindles on January 14, 2015.  Print versions will be available then, also, I hope.

I've been fortunate to get these great cover quotes for the historical romance version:

A wonderful debut sure to please lovers of romance!
  —NYT & USA Today bestselling author Madeline Hunter

With a bold knight and a strong-willed lady, Kaufman's story is positively medieval.

    — NYT & USA Today bestselling author Tracy Anne Warren

And this one for the inspirational version: 

A richly textured tale of love, danger, and history. 
NYT & USA Today bestselling author Mary Jo Putney

Which will sell better?

I'm also doing a series of guest blog posts. My first was yesterday, at, here, on Writing the Inspirational Historical: How Much is Too Much.  I'll be posting next month on another topic on Seekerville, a popular inspirational romance site, and have other posts in the works.

I enjoy blogging and looking for other opportunities to guest or write articles much more than all of the publisher-y self-publishing steps, yet it's time consuming and I need to get manuscripts two through four ready to release....

I'm also experimenting with getting the word out via a press release...and will post about that soon.