Saturday, December 31, 2005

Some New Year's Resolutions are common: excercise more, eat better. Of course I want to exercise more. Chocolate is too essential but I could include more veggies.

My main resolution: continue along the path I began when I quit my job: live in the moment and enjoy the day. It sounds kind of zen. But I find even now, without revenue goals and client problems to weigh me down, I worry a lot. And I'm often thinking about what I need to do next instead of focusing on what I'm doing this minute. Maybe this picture of an AZ sunset I took can be a reminder to, as they say, stop and smell the roses.

American Title II: January 2 we are supposed to learn who got cut in Round 2 and who goes on to Round 3....but they'll probably ask us not to post the news. The nest round of voting, for Best Story Summary, doesn't start until January 23.

Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Holidays

I got a lot of writing done in the midst of wrapping and family events.

I feel I've been a bit lazy progressing with other projects...such as my web site and querying agents. I did query 2, entered a writing contest, and am in the midst of judging 7 55-page entries for one of the major contests for the as yet unpublished romance author, the Golden Heart. I also ordered color headshots, auditioned again for one of my new acting agents to show her I am now proficient on ear prompter and wrote a short article for the Chicago Bar Assn magazine.

Only a few more days to vote for Best Hero/Heroine in Round 2 of the American Title II contest, visit and click on the American Title box in the upper right corner or visit My entry is called FOLLOW YOUR HEART, and is set in 1460 England.

In Highlander news, Impact magazine, published in the UK by MAI Publications, has a major article about The Source in the January issue. There's also a picture and mention or two of yours truly! The website is, when I figure out how to order single copies I'll post here.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Vote in AMERICAN TITTLE: Round 2

Great news! FOLLOW YOUR HEART, my medieval romance novel, received enough online votes to make it to Round 2 of Dorchester/RT Bookclub's American Title II contest. The winner receives a publishing contract.

Three of the remaining nine finalists will be eliminated this round, so every vote counts! Here's the link to click on or copy and paste.

Vote now, preferably for FOLLOW YOUR HEART, and tell your friends!

Thank you.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy Holidays

Another Vilnius photo, taken from my hotel room!

This weekend my cousin and his family were in town, so we spent a lot of time eating and catching up. Now the holidays are upon us. I admit to being sort of a Grinch; to me all the entertaining leads to way too much cleaning up and dishwashing. That's what restaurants are for! But I did attend an enjoyable caroling and chili party a friend of mine from college gave.

I'm enjoying my second voiceover class, learning some of the subtleties of different types of commercials. More news tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Show Must Go On

The CBA Christmas Spirits show closed Saturday to rave reviews. Despite a snow storm Thursday, most of the audience showed up. However, our conductor didn't make it until the second act and the snow delayed the piano player. As they say, the show must go on. Being in 7 numbers was a blast, depsite continuous costume changes. Yesterday I had ear pormpter coaching. The EP is basically a small tape recorder on which you tape scripts, then via an earpiece play them back in your ear for auditions or shoots. It's amazing how many things you need to think about while using the EP.

My journal of my Lithuania trip should be posted to follow. In the meantime, here's another shot of Vilnius.