Wednesday, November 29, 2006

See and Hear Princess Passion Fruit

My first animated voiceover role is now available! Visit, choose Strategy Games, and click START!.

I recorded my lines using my home equipment, and via the magic of editing and art...voila.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Being a Cow

Ever heard the phrase "cattle call?" Recently an agent sent me on one. The audition was from 10-3 at a photographer's home studio, and people could stop by anytime.

I arrived around 10:30. Fellow actors of all ages and types lined the stairway up to the photog's apartment. Everyone who came down said "Wow" upon seeing how many of us waited. As we inched our way up the stairs, a clipboard with a short registration form made its way down the line.

I was #43. All we had to do was give the photographer several warm expressions. I left around 11:00. Yesterday I ran into a woman who said she had gotten there around 2:00 and was #271!

Hope you're not wondering if either of us got the gig.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In the Spotlight

Last Tuesday I found out I got a principal, paying role as a nurse in a patient training video. The script arrived late that afternoon for the shoot, which was Wednesday. I had to memorize several pages of copy about how to use a blood pressure monitor.

I showed up the next morning a few minutes before 8:30, my assigned call time. The producer introduced me to the director, who looked at me and said, "You're early."
My call time had been changed to noon. When I returned, they weren't going to need me until after lunch, which was supposed to be at 1:00 but wound up being at 1:30. That's showbiz.

Then I learned that I'd be saying my lines to several extras, one man I'd worked with before. He of course assumed I was an extra too, but then I showed him all the lines I'd had to learn.

Finally around 2:00 came hair and makeup. I'd pulled my curly hair into a neat ponytail, and the makeup woman tamed any frizz. Garbed in a labcoat (and a skirt, tho I stood behind a table and my legs couldn't be seen), I made my way to the set.

One of the clients came up to me. He asked if I'd had more hair at the audition, and that after looking at so many people on the tape he couldn't remember. He asked me to read some of the script, so I did. Then he smiled and said something like, "Oh, yes. You were the only one who said it that way."

So that's the key to getting acting work: be lucky enough to do what the client is looking for.