Saturday, September 23, 2006

Gainfully Employed?

Acting wise, a busy week...had three rehearsals for a PAYING gig...diversity training for high level execs from a major corporation. Several actors performed two scenes, and facilitated group discussions. Very interesting, but a lot of lines to learn in a short time.

Plus, in addition to the audition I had Monday, had two on Friday: at a talent agency for two different medications, and then at a photographer's studio for a print ad.

For one of the medications, I was asked to record the copy on my ear prompter. This is a small tape recorder that plays back in my ear via an ear plug similar to the kind newscasters wear. However, for some reason, I didn't have it set to start at the right time. Then I skipped a key word. Then things were going great but my tongue got tied. Fortunately the auditioner said everyone that morning had had problems....

Will I get any of these parts???

My horoscope today said this was a good time to publish a book...

Monday, September 18, 2006

It's a Small World...

Had an audition today at a production studio in the suburbs. When I got there, I discovered that one of the owners had recognized my name and wanted to see me. What a surprise. He had directed a cable comedy news program I co-anchored when I was in grad school---twenty two years ago. Not only that, but an 8x10 picture of the show's entire cast and crew, with me sitting at the news desk, and him standing in front of it, has been on his office wall all this time. I'd also known his wife, a producer of the project I was auditioning for.

Will "it's who you know" help me get the gig? Or was I too stunned by this blast from the past and auditioning for someone I hadn't seen in over twenty years to focus properly?

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One step closer to "THE CALL"!?

BIG news: I have a literary agent! This means she will submit my books to editors at publishing houses now. Through a confluence of events, she'd read my first contemporary, the sixth novel I've completed, and the first two chapters of the sequel. She called to offer representation if I tweaked the last chapter in the direction she suggested. That chapter is now on her desk, along with more of the sequel. The contract is signed.

This weekend, singing Beethoven's 9th Symphony at Navy Pier. We rehearsed (in a courtroom, appropriate since the groups are made up primarily of lawyers) with the orchestra for the first time since May. The echo after our big chords was thrilling!
And seeing almost two hundred people working together to create one sound is rewarding.

What's in your life right now that you find rewarding?