Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One step closer to "THE CALL"!?

BIG news: I have a literary agent! This means she will submit my books to editors at publishing houses now. Through a confluence of events, she'd read my first contemporary, the sixth novel I've completed, and the first two chapters of the sequel. She called to offer representation if I tweaked the last chapter in the direction she suggested. That chapter is now on her desk, along with more of the sequel. The contract is signed.

This weekend, singing Beethoven's 9th Symphony at Navy Pier. We rehearsed (in a courtroom, appropriate since the groups are made up primarily of lawyers) with the orchestra for the first time since May. The echo after our big chords was thrilling!
And seeing almost two hundred people working together to create one sound is rewarding.

What's in your life right now that you find rewarding?

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