Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hurrah! I booked a TV commercial. This will be very interesting, because there's no copy to learn. I'm supposed to review a list of questions they might ask and will improvise answers while trying to fit in some key words.

As usual, it's self-costume. Which means I have to comb through my closet and iron and bring whatever I think corresponds to their suggestions...everything from shirts to pants to shoes to jewelry. Since I'm a mom, I have to remember a wedding ring.

They weren't thrilled by my hair (too curly, too black). So I'll be getting up early to make sure it's straight. Can't do much about the color, though.

Only once so far have clothes been bought for me. The wardrobe woman called ahead to ask my sizes and colors that I thought looked good on me. She had a bin full of clothes on set for me to try. I wound up wearing my own jeans and their wool sweater, which fit perfectly. She sold it to me for $10.

Not sure yet where the commercial will run...all I know so far is "local markets."

Last chance to vote in National Public Radio's Talent Quest and help me be the next NPR host! Voting ends June 2.
Listen to my entry at

Monday, May 21, 2007

Please VOTE for entry 1437

It's not too late...there's still time to vote for my entry in National Public Radio's Talent Quest...
American Idol for radio.

Visit I've gotten some wonderful comments so far, many from people I don't even know, but would appreciate yours. You do have to register with the site to vote...I hope a slight inconvenience to help me pursue a dream.

Thanks in advance...

Monday, May 14, 2007

VOTE FOR ME by June 2!!

I have entered the Public Radio Talent Quest and need votes by June 2nd to become a semi-finalist.

It's a long shot, as there are already around 1000 entries,'s the link to mine, which proposes a program called Someday is Now, about making time to follow your heart:

Please forward if you know anyone who might be willing to vote.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ruth Talks

My voiceover Web site is up and almost complete! Check it out:

Do you know anyone who needs voice or on camera talent?

You never know what connections will lead to work. A client of an attorney friend of mine wanted her to be in a real estate video. My friend thought of me. Which led to two hours yesterday of taping for her client, who may hire me for future projects. The videographer might too.

I need to get some input on rates. I charged her my current hourly rate. But there was a lot of copy to record. Despite numerous script changes as the shoot progressed and the volume of verbiage, they were happy with some of the sections on the first take. Only a couple of times did we have to do another take because of a mistake I made...most were because of trains, kids playing outside, the client not liking the copy when she heard it read aloud etc.

So would it have been better to charge a project rate, which would have been higher?