Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ruth Talks

My voiceover Web site is up and almost complete! Check it out:

Do you know anyone who needs voice or on camera talent?

You never know what connections will lead to work. A client of an attorney friend of mine wanted her to be in a real estate video. My friend thought of me. Which led to two hours yesterday of taping for her client, who may hire me for future projects. The videographer might too.

I need to get some input on rates. I charged her my current hourly rate. But there was a lot of copy to record. Despite numerous script changes as the shoot progressed and the volume of verbiage, they were happy with some of the sections on the first take. Only a couple of times did we have to do another take because of a mistake I made...most were because of trains, kids playing outside, the client not liking the copy when she heard it read aloud etc.

So would it have been better to charge a project rate, which would have been higher?

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Gina Black said...

I used to know how AFTRA works. You might take a look at their contracts (SAG too) for a framework.

They had what was essentially a project rate that included a certain number of hours and days along with the assumption that the work would take place within a given time frame. Everything beyond that was extra. It also included varying levels of rights. (Local, national, a/v., etc.)