Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If a tree falls in the forest...

Four performances down, four to go of the one act play I'm in. So far our largest audience has been 16 (3 were friends of mine) in a theatre that seats 30. And after having only 9 in attendance the night before (8 were my friends/family!!), 16 felt like a real crowd.

After all the hard work and time the cast and production staff has put in, we deserve full houses. But how to convince people to see our show--a new play by a new company--when there are dozens of established theatres and hundreds of musical performances competing with us?

The actor who plays my son has to write a suicide note, then shoot himself. Each night when he comes backstage, he hands me the note to read. Each letter is different, each incredibly sad. Reading them, I hope, has helped me reach the appropriate level of despair.

Next project: singing Faure's Requiem with a symphony chorus and orchestra.

And in the next few weeks my new voice over site should go live. It will be interesting to see how soon it pays for itself. Note the positive attitude.

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Kerry Blaisdell said...

Ah, the acting life. Between that and writing, it's tough to say which requires the thicker skin. Loved your article on rejections, BTW. Well said!

-- Kerensa
(former actress and fellow writer :?))