Saturday, March 25, 2006

Attention to Detail

I keep lists so I don't forget to do things. But what happens when I forget to write something down because I'm so focused on the AT II contest or other life events?

Cases in point: 1) realized I'd neglected to pay my March assessments. Which resulted in a $100 late fee. 2) had mailed an entry form for a writing contest and paid the fee but didn't pay attention to when the e-entry was due so I could follow up. Fortunately, the contest coordinator notified me that tho the mail delayed arrival of my form, it was postmarked on time so I could still send the entry.

Coming next week...another day as an extra on THE BREAK UP! Report to follow.

Still time to vote for FOLLOW YOUR HEART in the American Title II contest at

Monday, March 20, 2006

American Title II: THE FINAL ROUND

YES!! Great news! FOLLOW YOUR HEART, my historical romance novel set in medieval England, made it to the final round of Dorchester Publishing/RT BOOKclub Magazine’s American Title II contest, run along the lines of the TV show American Idol.

Finalists have already survived four rounds of online competition: Best Opening Sentence, Best Hero/Heroine, Best Story Summary and Best Dialogue Scene.

Your vote can help me become a published author. I hope you'll vote and tell your friends.

Two ways to vote now through April 2 for Round 5, Best Romantic Scene:
1) Visit, then click American Title II on the left under Website Spotlights, or visit

2) Simply send an e-mail to with FOLLOW YOUR HEART as the subject.

Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a published author. FYH couldn’t have made it this far without your votes.

Note: scenes contain explicit language.

Ruth Kaufman

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Time Management & Success

The Gainfully Unemployed face unique time management issues.

Do you get a vacation when 1) you're not going to a day job? 2) you're working for you?
Is a work week still Mon-Fri when there are always more pages/articles to write?
How do you not feel guilty/lazy when you take a week day off? Are non-paying but potentially valuable gigs work...such as the independent short film I'll be doing one day next week?

Questions like these are why I'm keeping what I call a Success Journal...each day I record every accomplishment in a notebook. I see what I've done at a glance, and know that each day I am laying the groundwork for my future.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Audition

For those who have never auditioned, here is my take on the experience.

1) GETTING AN AUDITION in the first place
For most auditions, you'll first need a headshot (8X10 picture, Chicago is moving to color from b&w) and an acting resume. If you haven't ever acted before, consider taking a class.
1. Continuously scour industry publications and websites to find some that interest you and follow each audition's submission instructions.
2. Submit to casting agents/directors.
3. Obtain representation with one or more agents.

a. In Chicago, some auditions can be secured by calling a theatre at a specific time and reserving a spot. If you don't get a spot, you can go anyway as a "walk-in" and hope they can fit you in. Commercial/film/TV auditions for speaking parts are usually done through agents.
b. Casting person or agent calls you with information.

Depending on what you're auditioning for, you now must either prepare a monologue or two (lengths and types provided by the auditioner), a song, learn copy that has been faxed to you, read from a script available at the audition.

a. You go wherever the audition is and bring copies of your headshots/resumes. You'll sign in, then wait your turn. You'll face anywhere from one to a dozen auditioners. You do your thing. Then maybe redo it if you're offered direction.
b. The call back: sometimes they narrow the field and call you back to either do the same thing you did during the audition or something else.

a. Now you wait. Most of the time, if you don't get the part, no notification will be given.
b. You get the part.

I once heard for many the ratio is 27 auditions to one part.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Waiting...still waiting

Today Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine is supposed to notify the finalists who have been cut and thereby reveal who makes it to the final two now that voting in Round 4: Best Dialogue Scene, is over.

Checked my e-mail early. Nothing. Checked my email around 9:30 Eastern time. Still nothing. Went to an appointment, came back. STILL nothing. Talked on the phone for an hour with a former client. Zippo. Had late lunch. Nada.

Stared at my email waiting for news. I know, I know. A watched pot never boils.

In previous rounds, notification e-mails have come well before noon Central time....but not today.

I've tried a few times to focus on other projects, but my concentration just isn't there. Any suggestions on ways to handle waiting?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Last Call to Vote in Round 4: American Title II

The links to vote for Best Dialogue Scene, Round 4 of Dorchester/RT BOOKclub magazine's national publishing contest, have changed. RT BOOKclub has revamped its entire web site. Visit to cast your vote for my entry, FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

Two finalists will remain for the next round, Best Romantic Scene. Will FOLLOW YOUR HEART move on? Stay tuned...

This week, going to an opera, shooting three cable programs in one evening, the AT II contest, meeting with my literacy student, a few social events, plus preparing and sending requested submissions detoured me from actual writing. I'm also working on an article for the Romance Writers Report about Muses. Do writers have them or not?