Saturday, March 25, 2006

Attention to Detail

I keep lists so I don't forget to do things. But what happens when I forget to write something down because I'm so focused on the AT II contest or other life events?

Cases in point: 1) realized I'd neglected to pay my March assessments. Which resulted in a $100 late fee. 2) had mailed an entry form for a writing contest and paid the fee but didn't pay attention to when the e-entry was due so I could follow up. Fortunately, the contest coordinator notified me that tho the mail delayed arrival of my form, it was postmarked on time so I could still send the entry.

Coming next week...another day as an extra on THE BREAK UP! Report to follow.

Still time to vote for FOLLOW YOUR HEART in the American Title II contest at

1 comment:

Jaye Wells said...

Hi Ruth! I voted for you today and I'll keep my fingers crossed! Good luck!