Monday, March 06, 2006

Waiting...still waiting

Today Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine is supposed to notify the finalists who have been cut and thereby reveal who makes it to the final two now that voting in Round 4: Best Dialogue Scene, is over.

Checked my e-mail early. Nothing. Checked my email around 9:30 Eastern time. Still nothing. Went to an appointment, came back. STILL nothing. Talked on the phone for an hour with a former client. Zippo. Had late lunch. Nada.

Stared at my email waiting for news. I know, I know. A watched pot never boils.

In previous rounds, notification e-mails have come well before noon Central time....but not today.

I've tried a few times to focus on other projects, but my concentration just isn't there. Any suggestions on ways to handle waiting?

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