Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Actor and Technology

I'd e-mailed my headshot/resume for an internet hosting opportunity. A few hours later, the assistant producer e-mailed that the H/R looked fine, but they needed to see me on camera.

I don't yet have a demo reel online as more and more actors are doing and more places are requiring. So I set up my digital video camera and recorded the sample questions they'd sent. Now I just had to figure out how to upload the video to my PC and then to YouTube as requested.

I plugged the camera into my PC with the cord provided, and tried several media programs on my PC. Nothing. The software refused to recognize my camera.
Then I realized the cord depicted in the manual looked different than the one in my hand. Fortunately I live above a Best Buy. I ran downstairs with cord and manual. Hmm. They said I needed a Firewire cable, assuming my PC was Firewire compatible (as opposed to USB).

What's up with that? I'm trying to be an actress, not a computer geek! $35 later, I ran back to my condo, new cable in hand.

Can you guess what's coming? My PC was not Firewire compatible. So I unplugged everything from my tower, then lugged it to Best Buy. Fortunately, the guy at their Geek desk was very helpful. $39 and 10 minutes later, I had a new Firewire card. I lugged the tower back upstairs, and reconnected all the cords and cables. The hardest thing: prying the new cable out of its industrial strength plastic package.

Lo and behold, my video zipped straight into the software!!!
Now I just had to figure out YouTube. How hard could it be? Kids do it, right?

Let's just say it took way too long to set up an account and get my video up. Even longer to figure out how to send the link to the assistant producer.

But finally, appx 4 hours and $75 after I began, I had conquered technology, and successfully uploaded my 32 second recording. My reward: the assistant producer emailed her thanks for getting a demo to her so quickly. And, maybe, I'll get the gig?

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