Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hurrah! I booked a TV commercial. This will be very interesting, because there's no copy to learn. I'm supposed to review a list of questions they might ask and will improvise answers while trying to fit in some key words.

As usual, it's self-costume. Which means I have to comb through my closet and iron and bring whatever I think corresponds to their suggestions...everything from shirts to pants to shoes to jewelry. Since I'm a mom, I have to remember a wedding ring.

They weren't thrilled by my hair (too curly, too black). So I'll be getting up early to make sure it's straight. Can't do much about the color, though.

Only once so far have clothes been bought for me. The wardrobe woman called ahead to ask my sizes and colors that I thought looked good on me. She had a bin full of clothes on set for me to try. I wound up wearing my own jeans and their wool sweater, which fit perfectly. She sold it to me for $10.

Not sure yet where the commercial will run...all I know so far is "local markets."

Last chance to vote in National Public Radio's Talent Quest and help me be the next NPR host! Voting ends June 2.
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