Monday, August 21, 2006

Time flies...

when you're trying to figure out something on your computer.

Recently I completed my commercial voiceover demo CD, which I need to send to talent agents I'm registered with and new ones, to see if they're interested in representing me. This means I need a colorful design for the jewel box and matching labels for the CD.

I'd tried using software already on my computer and printing on regular paper, but wasn't impressed by the results. So I looked on the Internet and found free label/CD design software. First I figured out how to download Avery's, but after installation wasn't that thrilled with the color and graphic choices. I did manage to create a basic CD label, but it took a while. I moved on to Memorex. That had exactly the type of design I had in mind, but I had to figure out how to customize the text. Next I researched card stock and stick-on labels, then went to buy some and CDs to make copies of my demo. Forgot to get the cases; fortunately a store on my street had those.
By the time I created and printed the box inserts and labels, made demo copies and put the whole shebang together, I still had to choose which agencies to send to and compose a letter and create mailing labels.

I'd thought all this would only take a few hours, but it took most of one day and part of the next. Off to the post office to mail the results.

And then....the waiting begins. Many agency websites say they listen to everything they receive, but only contact those they are interested in, which could take more than a month.

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