Saturday, September 23, 2006

Gainfully Employed?

Acting wise, a busy week...had three rehearsals for a PAYING gig...diversity training for high level execs from a major corporation. Several actors performed two scenes, and facilitated group discussions. Very interesting, but a lot of lines to learn in a short time.

Plus, in addition to the audition I had Monday, had two on Friday: at a talent agency for two different medications, and then at a photographer's studio for a print ad.

For one of the medications, I was asked to record the copy on my ear prompter. This is a small tape recorder that plays back in my ear via an ear plug similar to the kind newscasters wear. However, for some reason, I didn't have it set to start at the right time. Then I skipped a key word. Then things were going great but my tongue got tied. Fortunately the auditioner said everyone that morning had had problems....

Will I get any of these parts???

My horoscope today said this was a good time to publish a book...

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Gina Black said...

IMHO it's *always* a good time to publish a book. ;)