Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stranger than Fiction

No, I'm not talking about my dating life today, it's a movie filmed in Chicago with lots of famous stars and Chicago actors in the cast.

Got to see the world premiere of STF at opening night of the Chicago International Film Festival. Stars Dustin Hoffman and Will Ferrell were there (complete with red carpet crowds and hoopla), and each spoke briefly.

Anyone interested in life choices, novel writing and love should enjoy this movie, one of the best I've seen in a long time. Both LOL funny and touching.

I spent 4 days working on this film...though for one I never went to the set. There is a scene with Dustin and Will in a college hallway, with me as a "professor" and another woman as a "student". We are the only two extras, and D & W walk right by us. But due to the tight shots, you can only see the side and back of my head for a second. Behind me at the movie sat a fellow extra, also a professor, who had even gotten a line. Can't see him at all. An acquaintance had several lines in a key scene, couldn't see him either.

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