Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No longer an extra

Thanks to a friend who recommended me, I auditioned for and got a speaking role in a short, low budget SAG film. Which means union actors can be in it, but won't get paid unless the film makes money, and non-union actors like me can work with SAG actors. Basically the plot revolves around 18 actresses who interact with one of the main characters. His two friends comment on the action.

The holding area was at the house of the female lead, a few miles north of me. At first my call time was 7:00 AM, then fortunately got changed to noon.

I was to be the last one filmed. I spent an enjoyable afternoon talking with some of the other actresses and the hostess. As time went on and the other actresses completed their parts and left, it felt a bit like 10 Little Indians. Finally only the hostess and I remained.

My turn came. The crew was small but efficient, and the director knew exactly what he wanted. My off the cuff fast-talking skills had amused him and the main actor, so that's what I did...he'd suggested and I'd planned the subject matter but each take was improvised. After only a few takes for two short scenes, my part was, as they say, in the can.

The film will be entered in festivals and used on the director's reel to help him get larger projects. And when I get my copy, I can use it too.

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MariaGeraci said...

Good luck, Ruth. I hope it leads to some gret parts!