Monday, October 16, 2006

Princess Passion Fruit

Recently I invested in a professional microphone, studio headphones and some piece of equipment to make both work with my computer, in an effort to be more marketable for voiceover work. The time had come to record and submit auditions.

I responded to a post seeking a female to do animated bonus episodes for a website, promising I had my own setup to record. They asked if I could record a few lines of dialogue for Princess Passion Fruit.

Naturally, when I sat down to record into a free software program called Audacity and convert it to MP3 format, nothing worked. Couldn't hear myself in the mic. Nothing was recording. Aargh. I tried everything...replugging stuff, clicking on this and that. Finally I restarted my computer and, like magic, everything worked.

After sending in the recording, was informed I'd gotten the gig. One short online rehearsal via a fun, free Internet phone service called Skype, then on to recording the final version. The minute I started to record, the phone rang. And again. Believe it or not, the phone rang yet a third time. I could have turned off the ringer, but one of the calls was the director of a SAG independent telling met I'd gotten a speaking part! More on that later.

Have now submitted all the dialogue for two five minute episodes. Waiting to hear if it's approved....


Meretta said...

Best of luck with this one and congratulations on the others! You must have a lovely voice!

Kelli Estes said...

Ruth, this sounds fabulous! I can't wait until I hear your voice someday and I can tell everyone -- I know her!

Good luck!