Thursday, February 23, 2006

So what does a Gainfully Unemployed do all day?

I keep getting asked what I do all day. Perhaps people think I'm ensconced in a beauty salon, reclining on a chaise as one manicurist works on my hands and another on my toes, while my page fans me with one hand and drops chocolate into my mouth with the other. Perhaps they have no clue how they would schedule/fill their time if they didn't have a day job. Or perhaps they are just curious.

Here's yesterday:
6:34 up and into exercise clothes
make coffee and read paper
check emails
8:00 turn on FIT TV and do whatever show is on. 23 minutes of slowrobics.
finish writing intial web content and send to web designer
11:00 change to jeans/nicer shirt and take bus downtown for lunch meeting at chicago bar association. cruise through Fields on the way. pick up Subway sandwich.
12:15 leave meeting as it starts. Hop cab and hurry to near Sox park. Why? Emergency call from an agent. They had to get me on tape ASAP. Had I dressed for an audition? No. Did I have my ear prompter, which they said they wanted? No. Did I have time to race home to get it? No.
12:45 arrive at agent, memorize copy for Honda delarship ad. Other last minute auditionees do have their prompters and audition attire because they came from home. Remove glasses, while everything is fuzzy tape ad.
1:15 Race back to Loop. No cabs in area, fortunately bus arrives promptly, to Red Line to Loop.
20 minutes late for first tutoring session at Literacy Chicago. I'd called my student and told him I'd be late.
1:50 Tutor
3:05 cruise through Filenes. (I was already right next door.)
3:30-5:00 I'd brought my AlphaSmart, sort of a laptop but weighs only 2 lbs. Bought beverage at Borders and wrote 4 pages.
5:00 Corner Bakery to have soup. (ok, and a brownie.)
5:45 go to chorus rehearsal for Beethoven's 9th. Altos get released early, at 7:15.
8:00 home. final email check, transfer pages from Alphasmart to my computer, print some stuff and get organized for next day.
9:00 Watch Project Runway.

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