Saturday, January 07, 2006


Every so often, I've been checking The Source official website for the promised posting of my journal detailing my Vilnius set visit. It's not there yet.

I just found out that Adrian Paul wants my journal posted on HIS website instead! How cool is that. His site is ; I've been informed my journal should be there soon. As soon as it's up, I'll post the link here.

On the acting front, lots going on! Got a callback for a part in short student thesis film...and have a print ad audition next week. Plus am going to try out for one of my favorite musicals, Urinetown. Had to pick out new songs, they want 16 bars each of contrasting comedic songs. There are two parts I think I could play, but the auditions are Equity too. So many people sing better than I do, but they said comedic acting is also important, so who knows. And in September, the Chicago Bar Assn Symphony is doing Beethoven's 9th at Navy Pier for their 20th anniversary; I'm going to sing in that. Reharsals start in February.

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