Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Frog in the Well

Do you remember the word problem of the frog in the well? He's trying to climb out, but every time he jumps X feet higher, he slips Y feet if the well is a certain height how long will it take him to get out? This week I feel a bit like that frog.

1) Of the 3 auditions I had recently, two I got myself, one from an agent: didn't get any of the jobs. On the other hand, another talent agent I'd submitted to wants me to come in for an audition. On the other hand, the two new agents I aquired recently haven't called yet with any auditions.

2) Entered my work in progress in it's first writing contest. One judge gave it a near perfect score, the other a good score but not high enough to final.

Of course I don't expect everything I send out to acheive the desired result. Setbacks don't mean give up, they mean work harder. I am thinking serene thoughts, as inspired by this photo I took of the pool at an AZ Marriott resort.

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