Monday, January 23, 2006


Fabulous news! My historical romance novel, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, has made it to Round 3 of Dorchester Publishing/Romantic Times BOOKclub’s American Title II contest. Six finalists remain. The two receiving the fewest votes for Best Story Summary will be eliminated. The winner receives a publishing contract.

I'm thrilled... FYH received great comments from all 3 judges.

Vote now through Feb. 5 at Click on the American Title II box in the upper right corner.

Please tell your friends! Thank you in advance for your support.

In other news, participated in a wonderful weekend workshop with a casting director and agent. The twelve of us prepared both commercial and TV or film auditions and were critiqued on camera. An interesting mix of people, from a Shaw Festival actress to models plus the intense focus of our teachers made for a busy two days.

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Shannon McKelden said...

Congratulations, Ruth!! Way to go on making it to the next round. Your story sounds wonderful, and I wish you the best of luck!!
Shannon McKelden