Tuesday, November 06, 2007

When NO turns into YES

Sometimes NO doesn't really mean NO...it means 'try again' or YES.

A recent post ("Close but no Cigar") bemoaned my 19 vote loss in the national Romance Writer of America board of directors election. Rest easy, faithful reader, because I am now on the board! A director in my region moved to another position, and the board appointed me to fill the vacancy. I am enjoying learning about my responsibilities, and look forward to the first board meeting.

An editor I know has read part or all of FOUR of my manuscripts. One might think that, since she didn't want to buy any of them, she'd be done. But she just asked to see part of another. Yes, again I have proved close but no cigar. Is the fifth time the charm?

When I first mentioned the premise of ms #9 to my agent, she wasn't thrilled. But she read the first 50 pages and changed her mind. Now I'm waiting to hear on final revisions...

Some might find victory all the sweeter after you'd thought you'd already lost.

The question is: what steps can I take in the future to avoid the emotional roller coaster of turning NO to YES...and go directly to YES? Or are timing and luck, not my actions, the controlling factors?

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Eileen said...

Huge Congrats on the board position. They'll be lucy to get you.