Thursday, November 15, 2007

Persistence Paying Off?!

Faithful readers, I have an announcement: yesterday I felt like and believed I am a working actress and author. Here's why:

In the late afternoon I spoke with my literary agent...she said liked all the changes she'd asked me to make on my latest opus, that it was now a stonger book. Whew. And that she'd submit it right away, after I sent her 4 copies of the new version. (Some of you may think, 'why can't she make the copies?' But often it's up to the author to do that.) So I fired up my printer. Fortunately I had enough paper and toner to print 1404 pages.

Meanwhile, I was learning my lines for a Walgreen's training video that started at 10:15 pm, and glancing over copy for an audition I have for two corporate videos today.

I carried the huge stack to UPS and overnighted the 4 copies, thrilled to have this off my plate and on hers. Then I went to two hours of my high energy three hour improv class, and drove to the burbs for the Walgreen's shoot. I had three scenes, finished at 2:20 am and got home at 3.

It's still hard for me to believe that all I have to do is say the lines, and the producer/director/writer will be happy with my performance. Not to say that they don't ask me to try different things on each take, or adjust my position or how I hold a clipboard or whatever...but then I do what they say and they are happy with that. Not that this is always remember lines and say them with the right inflection/emotion while turning at a certain moment without moving out of camera frame.

I guess part of me still wonders if I am an actress.

I am.

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The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Fabulous news about your agent's reaction, Ruth!! Congratulations! :-) Can't wait to hear about the big pay-off for all this hard work!