Monday, November 26, 2007

Multiple Personalities

What a variety of parts I've been asked to portray recently...from a corporate district manager (cast without an audition) to a doctor (auditioned and got the part) to a weed (auditioned, don't think I got it). Yes, the voice of a weed.

Sit back for a moment and imagine how you'd use your voice to convey the demise of a weed.

First I tried various short, high pitched shrieks, but they grated on my ears, even when I sat further back from my microphone. Gaspy groans ended up sounding too much like Meg Ryan in that famous When Harry Met Sally scene.

By this time my throat was starting to hurt. I wondered if my neighbors could hear the screaming. It's very hard to scream quietly. Finally settled on a sort of gurgly sound.

This week, went on two more print looksees. One was for bad can't imagine how big my hair gets if I brush it while upside down. And if I don't flatiron my bangs, each piece goes a different direction. They wanted a mugshot type look; not sure if I came across mean enough. And, they saw over 200 men and women in 8 hours.

The next day, coincidentally, went back to the same photographer for a "nice lady next door" print ad for a well-known prescription drug. I saw blondes, redheads, brown haired women 5 hours who knows how many they will see. The photographer did remember me from yesterday...

I can only hope I've assimilated enough information from watching many seasons of America's Next Top Model to pose competently and connect with the camera.

Moving from on camera, VO, and print to live theatre...I'm in a musical revue, where, among other things, I'm zombie lawyer and a tap dancing cheerleader who does the splits...

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