Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yes, you're booked. No, you're not.

The good news: lately I've had a lot more incoming calls from people who want to book me. In the past week I've had inquiries about a quick turnaround 300 page VO job, a VO role in an animated movie and, from a producer I've already worked with, my turnaround time for several upcoming projects. An agent called to book me for an MOS (without sound) video project tomorrow. I'd already been booked for two days in November for corporate training.

The not so good news: The 300 page job didn't materialize. Found out this morning that the MOS project was canceled. Because the client is doing the corporate training in another city, I'm no longer needed. Have not yet heard from the producer.

I need to start taking these potential/scheduled bookings with a grain of salt, and not believe they will happen until they actually do. But it's hard not to have expectations when I wind up cancelling appointments so I can go to a shoot or say no to other things because I think I'm booked.

Not only can scheduling change at the drop of a hat, sometimes I need to jump through a lot of hoops. I'd auditioned for a narration job from home. Then I was asked to record two short sections for the director...but they wanted them ASAP. Next they asked me to record the entire script because the client still hasn't decided. So I did, at an advertising agency. It was great to meet some of the people involved, and doing the recording in person was better submitting from home because I could give them the exact tone/pace/energy/emphasis they wanted. But they recorded over it by mistake, and asked me to go back that afternoon and do it again. Which I did.
Will I book this project? Stay tuned...

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Eileen said...

I cannot imagine how annoying all this changing of dates must be. On the upside it is good practice for the world of publishing. : )

I really enjoyed meeting you at Emerald City. Congrats again on your win in the contest.