Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Look See

Got a call yesterday from one of my talent agents to go to a look see on Monday for for a print job that shoots Wednesday. The pay is good because it's a national print ad and direct mail. All I have to do is look nice, go to a photography studio and have my picture taken any time during the six hours they're seeing people.

Six hours of look see. If they spend 5 minutes on each, that's 72 women. 3 minutes each ups the number to 120. The last look see I went on was around 1 minute. That could be 360 people.

Far better odds than the lottery to be sure. And the studio is only 15 minutes from my condo. I'm sure some will have to schlep in from the burbs.

What can I do to stand out in sea of middle aged brunettes (no blondes, for some reason)? Clearly hair style is important. Many times I've heard that clients/directors see what's in front of them and don't think, "We like this actress, but want to change her hair." Do I go in with my natural curls? Try a sleek ponytail? Or invest the time to straighten my hair? In my experience, most women will probably have straight hair. So my curly hair might be different. Too different?

Then there's wardrobe..."Nice casual." A sweater set? A blouse? What color, to not blend in or be too bright, when I don't know what the background will be?

You see how easy it is to overthink what amounts to less than 3 audition minutes. But the stakes are pretty high...1) a sizeable print job to add to your portfolio and bank account 2) getting booked makes you look good to the agent who sent you and could keep you on their radar so they'll submit you for other projects. 3) you can tell other agents that you're getting work, which might make them want to submit you.

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Gina Black said...

I say be YOU with those saucy curls and whatever you wear make sure it doesn't distract from your engaging smile.