Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Close but no cigar

Faithful readers may recall that one of my manuscripts was runner up in the national 2006 American Title II contest. Yes, it's quite an accomplishment to have my manuscript chosen as a finalist by a publisher in the first place, and additional accomplishments to have survived several rounds of online voting. But--it placed second, nonetheless.

I seem to be collecting "close but no cigar" tales.

I ran for Region 2 Director on the national Romance Writers of America board. And .9%. That's right. Not even 1%, .9. Or 19 votes.
In this race, as in ATII...was it my fault? Should/could I have worked harder to secure votes? Did more people mean to vote, but just not get around to it, as with political elections? Or did those 19 members vote for the winner because she is a multi-published author, while I continue to aspire?

And in the voiceover world, 1) I'm in the final 2 to narrate a DVD tour of a hospital. The director wanted me to record an additional section of the script, which I did news. 2) Also this week was "in the lead" for a critical role in a computer game, with a voice "perfect" for the character. They also asked me to record a short second audition. But they found someone "not as good" who will do the role for free.

Sigh. It's wonderful and encouraging that my work and I are good enough to consider so seriously. On the other hand, it's also frustrating to come so close and not prevail. And not know what to do differently to win the next time.

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