Saturday, September 29, 2007

Expectations and Follow Through

I believe if you say you're going to do something by a certain time, you should do it. Or at the very least, communicate about why you can't meet the deadline and reschedule.

Cases in point:

1) Many man meetings (I won't even call them 'dates'. IMO a date is something you look forward to vs. an attempt to see if there could be something to look forward to) these days start off with only a day and vague time period. I'm a planner, and find this lack of specificity a bit frustrating.
I was supposed to meet a guy for coffee last Wednesday morning. He'd said he'd call to finalize. Never heard a word.
Am supposed to have lunch with another guy today, who also said he'd call to set a time. Will he? Less than two hours until noon...

2) I was told (in writing) that I'd hear back on something important by the beginning of last week. So, expectations raised, I waited. Monday went by. Tuesday. Wednesday...nothing. I called Thursday afternoon. And learned it would be two more weeks.
Am I getting the runaround or is this a legitimate mixup/miscommunication?
Is it that difficult to send a quick e-mail if plans, schedules or intent change?

The morals of the story:
Don't make promises you can't keep. Conversely, don't expect others to actually do what they say.

Some good news: the beginning of my time travel manuscript finaled in a contest and goes to an editor or agent for final round judging...

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