Friday, September 07, 2007

Ya gotta spend $ to make $

Being a working actress is expensive. I need:
Current headshots.
Postcards of said headshots to send as reminders and audition follow ups.
Regular haircuts, because I have to look like my headshots.
Classes, because agents/casting directors like to see actors honing their craft. And, the classes are often good networking opportunities when the teachers are industry professionals.
Voiceover demos, a Web site and subscriptions to audition sites.
Business cards.
And now: the video slate. Most actors are supposed to be on Actors Access, an audition and casting clearinghouse. More auditions are requesting an Actor Slate, which is a one minute video showcasing your personality. I had a half hour on camera interview, where the questions ranged from 'What's your favorite movie and why?' to 'Share a favorite childhood memory.' It went so fast, I can't remember half of what I said...I'm waiting to receive the edited version.

In other news, some days I wonder if I exist in the real world with the general populace or only in the solitary Twilight Zone of my imagination. Case in point:
The phone doesn't ring. Meaning no incoming auditions.
The only emails I get are from Yahoo! groups. Meaning that no one is responding to any of the auditions I submitted.

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