Thursday, September 20, 2007


Everyone has a different honesty meter. I'm the kind of person who'd return an extra penny a store clerk might hand me. I'm just not comfortable with any kind of dishonesty. But many people feel differently.

An example:

Had lunch with a guy I'd met at an event where the upper age limit was 48. So attendees could logically conclude everyone there was 48 or younger. The guy told me his age...not 48. Not 49. Not 50. 54! Is that fair? Is an untruth a good way to start...if he/she can lie about that, even if they fess up, what else will he/she lie about?
I know 1) dating over 40 is tricky 2) people on sites like Match list themselves at a younger age so as not to be excluded from searches...but still.

Another example: I was told something specific and exciting about an acting job that was later partially recanted and at the actual shoot didn't appear to be true at all. Maybe the situation had changed. But, if so, no one explained what had happened. Or things could be at work behind the scenes that I'm not aware of so it could still prove to be somewhat true in the future. Or possibly it was all a well-intentioned mistake (as happened with another recent shoot). But to me, at this moment, it seems like a misrepresentation. A miscommunication at the least.

How far are you willing to go?

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