Monday, March 05, 2007

Two Husbands in Two Hours

Last week I got an industrial video for a major insurance company. The character was a wife enjoying her empty nest lifestyle. No script, but improv based on her profile.

I look very young for my age. When I met my "husband," he took one look at me and said he was too old. I agreed. He had white hair and just looked older. When we went on camera in a part of the production company's offices, conversation flowed. He made up a story about our first meeting, I made up a story about what we wanted to do when he retired. I think we did a great job of portraying a married couple, tho we'd just met.

As we completed different angles, another man entered the room. I assumed he was the next character to be filmed. Turns out he was my new husband, a slightly younger version with salt and pepper hair. At least I'd gotten to chat with Husband #1 for a few minutes before shooting, but Husband #2 sat in the chair next to me, we said 'hello' and off we went. We did the same thing. Husband #2 might have looked more age appropriate for me, but Husband #1 was smoother on camera.

Doubt I'll get to see the finished product to see which husband made the cut...

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