Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am pleased to report that actingwise, this has been my busiest week ever. And it's only Thursday morning...

Monday night: worked as an extra on Michael Keaton's directorial debut film, The Merry Gentleman, until 2AM.
1) Got cast in a one act play with 8 performances in April. The artistic director of a new theater company had seen my recent audition for a theater festival.
2) Had an audition for a corporate video.
Wednesday night: Cold readings of scenes from plays in progress for a playwright group.
Thursday: national commercial audition coming up this afternoon.
Friday night: Asked to be in a "table read" for a new play. It's just what it sounds like, actors read the play in front of a small audience so the playwright can see how his work comes across.
Sunday: getting new headshots taken.

Could it be that all of the ground work I've done is finally paying off???

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MariaGeraci said...

Good luck, Ruth! It sounds like things are really taking off!