Monday, March 12, 2007

Easy come, Easy go

Friday one of the talent agencies I'm registered with called about an audition for this morning. She e-mailed the copy, location and wardrobe requirements. I was good to go.
Two hours later, she called back and said the client now only wanted to see men.

These are things I cannot control. What I can control somewhat is how many outgoing audition efforts I make.

I'm registered with several services, some free, some fee, that e-mail with opportunities. I scope out online resources. From March 4-10, I submitted for 11 voiceover auditions--most of which recquired a custom recording, 3 auditions I learned about online, sent pictures to a new production company, went on 2 in person auditions (one for a movie and one for a theatre festival, both no pay), contacted a new writing website with video content about being a freelancer. How many per week is enough? Until I get a part?

As of this writing, no callbacks, no parts. Nothing.

I'm also:
--in contact with a photographer to get another new set of headshots because I'm not that happy with the ones I had taken in January.
--talking with a Web designer about creating a voiceover website.
--awaiting the finished products from yesterday's recording session: the updated/re-edited version of my commercial demo and my new character demo.

After all that is done, I'll send my new materials to my current agents and to other agencies I'm interested in.

Then there's extra work. Though I've been an extra in more than 50 movies and thought I had my fill of the long days for little pay, I haven't done any since last summer. And there are several interesting projects coming to town. So recently I updated my information with 2 extras casting directors. One first opened registration with people he'd already worked with, so maybe he'll submit us first to the director.

One can hope.

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