Thursday, June 01, 2006

More on Patience

The view last night from my condo. It's relaxing and soothing. Those of us whose lives often revolve around waiting need to find ways to enjoy and appreciate the journey. Logically we know that sitting by the phone or checking our e-mail every five minutes won't make editor, agent or job application responses come any faster, yet the urge is there.

We want the world to acknowledge our efforts. To recognize that we are talented, creative individuals who deserve to be published, represented, hired. Yet only rarely do the recipients of our resumes, submissions and queries operate at our hoped for pace.

Yesterday I spoke with two friends also mired in waitingland. One had submitted over a month ago to an agent who'd loved her pitch. For a few days she actually belived the agent would grab her manuscript as soon as it arrived and read it immediately. She'd forgotten that in person enthusiasm doesn't often translate into speedy replies. Phone tag with one company and a cancelled, not yet rescheduled interview by another frustrated a friend who naturally wanted potential employers to share his readiness to work.

Comments welcome on ways to stay on course and remain productive instead of allowing the emotions of waiting to divert us.

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MariaGeraci said...

Sigh... this is so hard for me too. I hate waiting. I think the only way to really not go crazy is simply to refocus your energy in some other direction. Of course, that's easier said than done!