Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New York, New York

Even the Gainfully Unemployed need to take a vacation once in awhile. I jetted off to New York, primarily to see Ralph Fiennes from front row center. Fabulous. In addition to seeing three other shows such as the play Julia Roberts is in, I attended an RWA chapter's luncheon with more editors and agents per capita than most conferences. So even while on a whirlwind vacation I managed to fit in some productive and enjoyable networking.

Now back to reality...which for me in the short term means completing my work in progress because I've already had a request for the full manuscript. On the acting front: had an audition, the first I've been on that asked people to come in their pajamas. And, got a call from a producer of the documentary I worked on last week saying they should want me to work again soon. Finally, looks as though I'll be participating in four Sondheim in the Park performances mid-July. More to follow!

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