Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Waiting for Friday

Last night in Chicago was the official premiere of the Jennifer Anniston/Vince Vaughn movie, The Break-Up. (Yes, they were both there, according to the newspaper.)

Friday the movie opens for the general public. Why am I waiting for this day? Because I spent several days working as an extra and have been waiting since last summer to find out if I can be seen or not.

Vince Vaughn plays a Chicago tour bus company owner. My main role was as a tourist riding his bus. The other 35 passengers and I spent hours riding up and around Michigan Avenue with a police escort, with and without Vince doing his lines. I also filmed one day at the end of March...apparently the ending needed to be reshot. Even though it was unseasonably warm here and all civilians were in shorts and sandals, us hard-working extras slogged about for the entire day amidst fake snow, wearing our heaviest winter attire.

I know I'm on film, because I saw a still when, a month after the first two days of riding on the bus, we were called back to film another day and had to be sure our clothes matched exactly. But will shots with me in them make it into the final film? In a few days, I'll know for sure...

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MariaGeraci said...

Oh! I've been looking forward to that movie and now I have yet another reason to see it!