Thursday, October 31, 2013

I don't care

Some days your (or friends or family member's) first world problems could get you down, especially when it rains and they pour. Instead of getting frustrated and worrying, I'm going to be a duck and let the literal and virtual rain roll off.

Say something breaks and you need to stop everything to get repairs in the works.  Don't bemoan the issue. Take steps to get it repaired and move on.  When your work calendar is filled with tedious administrative tasks and follow up rather than creative and entertaining projects, don't procrastinate. Make yourself do those pesky items so you can feel good about checking all of them off your list. Remind yourself that auditions, opportunities and/or jobs can and will come at any time.  Dwelling on the negative, as they say, doesn't empty tomorrow of troubles but drains today of strength.

Continue to put irons in the fire. Reward yourself with a short break to do something you enjoy. Vent (briefly) to a supportive friend, if needed. Look forward to things that make your day, such as fun social activities, catching up with TiVo, and/or reading.  If you can, schedule a massage or facial to help you relax while doing something good for yourself.

As I write this, the sky is clearing and brightening.  Really!

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