Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ebb and flow

Feelancers control how many outgoing self-marketing things they do in a given week, but they can't control the number and timing of incoming opportunities. Some weeks I may have only one audition via a talent agent, no clients offering work, no work already scheduled. My head may know that's just part of the ebb and flow of the Gainfully Unemployed (aka self-employed), but occasionally my heart still stresses out when the phone's not ringing and the inbox is empty.

Last week was super slow....only one incoming audition, no jobs. Although I always submit at least a few auditions to pay-to-play sites, Actors Access, Casting Networks and/or Craigslist, I don't keep close track of those because they can be like throwing spaghetti at a wall.

Slower weeks yield time to catch up on administrative tasks, such as following up on a couple of unpaid invoices, and, of course, more self-marketing. And to attend networking events and/or learn more about the industry. Last week, I went to a recording studio's party, a reception for and the actual all day film summit.

This week, I've had 8 auditions so far, a VO job from a pay-to-play site (and the client didn't ask for any revisions), and another from a new, possibly ongoing, client.

There can be benefits even when I don't get the outcome I'd like. One on-camera audition was cancelled (fortunately I hadn't prepared for it), but there was communication with a talent buyer, so I know there was interest in seeing me. I was on hold for two radio spots I didn't even audition for, showing interest on the part of the producer who submitted me and the potential client.

Most actors I know also work for free on occasion, to expand their repertoire and/or hope for an addition to their demo reel, have fun, make new contacts, help a friend and/or increase exposure.  I pick and choose such projects carefully, because they can take a lot of time and/or end up conflicting with paying projects. I fit in a short filming session for an Internet video project and three rehearsals for two upcoming stage shows.

Since I have to finish editing two of this week's auditions, back to work!

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