Thursday, August 08, 2013

Planning my feelancing days has gotten more challenging over the years because I'm still not very spontaneous.  Others may be fine with ever-changing client and agent requests.  But writing auditions, jobs, social events, etc. in ink (yes, I use a paper calendar because it's easier IMO than trying to click around on my phone to find the day(s) in question and see what's already on them) gives me a sense of satisfaction.  I like having some sense of certainty and order.  In the acting business, that's rare.

A potential new client informed me on 8/7 that I was one of 6 selects--in this case, the top 3 male and 3 female voices for a Friday morning session.  The client would make the final decision.  I could reschedule or perhaps push back breakfast with a friend, but if I don't get the job I'd rather leave things as they are.  I have no way of knowing when I'll hear, or even if. 

More and more often audition specs list the shoot/recording date as TBA or week of.  So while I glance at my upcoming calendar each time I audition, I can't know if I'll book any of the gigs or when they might happen.  Some on-camera auditions want availability for a callback, wardrobe fitting, and however many days of the shoot. 

Fortunately my friends are flexible.  But doctors and other service providers often require 24 hours notice of cancellation or payment of a fee or the cost of the visit.  If I don't find out about an audition or callback until after 5PM, I either suck up the cancellation cost or pass on the opportunity. 

And as for travel, it's been awhile since I've taken a long vacation.  Last month I was out of town at a conference for a mere 2 business days, but missed out on a couple of things because one of those days was either when something I could've auditioned for was shooting, or the only time I could've auditioned. 

It's a matter of juggling priorities.  I do enjoy having many balls in the air, but sometimes I'd like to be sure how many I'll be keeping track of at once.

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