Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is this the one?

Each week I audition for and submit to a variety of projects, from film to TV to web series to VO jobs.  Some opportunities come from agents, some from referrals (including one this week from a client in the Dominican Republic!), a few from networking, and some I seek out. 

And occasionally, like last night, I participate in what’s called “generals,” where a group of people audition to be part of a database for future projects.  Talent buyers view/listen to the submissions, and either cast directly from those (which is very nice) or ask for an audition from a script specific to the project at hand.  I’ve noticed that more potential clients are creating their own databases, instead of only relying on casting or talent agencies or even Craigslist to provide talent. 

I never know which thing will come to fruition.  Will I get a callback and/or the job?  Will the potential client respond to my submission at all, much less ask me to audition in person or via self-recording?  If my audition is great, will anyone who saw it remember me for additional projects? 

I try to let such thoughts go, because once I’ve auditioned there’s nothing else I can do.  So I keep putting more irons in the fire.  But every once in awhile, the more I try to stop thinking, the more the thoughts stay.  Like a song stuck in my head.  Especially if it’s a role I really want, a huge project like a national TV commercial or if I’d be working with someone I’ve wanted to work with. 

Over the years, you'd think I'd have gotten used to not hearing, waiting to hear, etc.  That getting called in to one of the big three casting agencies would be old hat.  But every audition is new and full of possibilities. 

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