Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stop Procrastinating

I'm not usually a procrastinator.  I rarely pulled all-nighters in college or graduate school (except on occasion to type a long paper in the days before word processing or even correct keys).  I don't scramble to meet deadlines and am always early.  But I confess to procrastinating on a recent project.

I much prefer the satisfaction of productivity, accomplishment and checking items off my list than carrying around the weight of not finishing something I need to do.  This project hung over me like a dark cloud, yet I still put off finishing it. And that made me feel worse. 

People procrastinate for a variety of reasons.  Some do it out of fear...of failure or success.  Others, to avoid unpleasant, difficult or seemingly overwhelming or possibly painful tasks or conversations.  Online research shows some consider chronic procrastination to be an addictive disorder.

In my case, the diagnosis was secondguessitis.  I'd sit down to do the work with plenty of time to devote, yet be stifled by uncertainty.  Would the recipients like it?  Was the product as good as I could make it?  Did I need more preparation or research before diving in?  Instead of pressing on, just doing it and trusting my instincts and experience, I'd troll the Internet, run errands, clean and organize my condo, make time for less important stuff....    

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