Thursday, June 06, 2013

Good news!

This week, I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of good news.  For an actor, that can come in many forms.  I’ve been Gainfully Unemployed for years, but it’s still good news every time an audition comes in.  IMO, it’s better news if it’s for one of the three major Chicago casting directors and/or an ongoing gig. 

A callback is next up the food chain.  That means the field has been narrowed, and you get another opportunity to show what you can do and further relationships.  Next might be a “first refusal,” meaning you’re in the running (and if you get another job the same day, you have to let the first client know so s/he can decide to book you or not).  After that is “on hold” or “on ice,” which according to SAG-AFTRA means you’re due a cancellation fee if you’re not booked.  All three show your agent and the casting director or client that you brought to the table what was required, and show all industry professionals involved that you can do the job.  If you don't get selected, it's probably for reasons out of your control, such as the mix of blondes and brunettes, tall or short, young or older actors required.  

Booking the job is best, of course because you earn money.  You get to work with new and/or familiar actors, clients, production staff and crew,  and perhaps have another clip for your demo reel.  Other times, it's exciting because it's a role you really wanted, for someone you've been hoping to work with, or perhaps something you've been wanting to try that's outside your comfort zone . 

This week so far, I have 10 auditions (and a nice mix of VO, on-camera and print at that), one callback (independent feature film), one first refusal (TV spot), and a booking for next week.

 Here’s to more good news.

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