Thursday, January 24, 2013


Feelancers are often in waiting mode.  Our work flow is predicated on others wanting to hire us, and usually on their schedules, not ours.  We can’t know when the phone will ring or when opportunities will present themselves.  We can only control our output and how much waiting gets to us.

New assignments:  If I don’t have any, I take advantage of the lull by self-marketing, putting more irons in the fire, updating my marketing materials and learning more about ever-changing technology such as WordPress and Twitter.  I add to my list of products or services (more on that soon).  I network and catch up with colleagues/friends.  It can feel a bit decadent to have brunch or a long lunch on a work day, but also rewarding and relaxing.      

Quotes/submissions:  When I’m asked to quote for a job, I can’t know when I’ll hear back.  If I send a requested writing submission, only rarely does the editor/agent estimate response time.  I’m still waiting to hear about a submission from last April.  I sent a status check email early this month; the editor did reply.  And needs a few more'll be three weeks tomorrow. 

Being on ice:  Exciting yet frustrating.  You’re one of a couple or few people the client wants to hire, so you have to keep the shoot/recording date(s) completely open.  You don’t know when you’ll find out if you got booked or released.  If another opportunity arises, you can’t accept it without conferring with the icing client.

Additional information:  Sometimes we need additional information or answers to questions before we can move forward on a project.  For example, many VO jobs come without a pronunciation guide.  I send a list of terms with suggested pronunciations, but have to wait for them to reply.

Payment:  Sometimes takes three months, or longer.  I’m still waiting for payment for a VO job last August.  Because I don’t get paid until the agent does.  At least I’m not the one who has to do the collecting.   

Potential clients:  After a round of self-marketing, some contacts respond quickly.  They say they’ll keep my info on file or call with questions about rates/turnaround time, or even with a job.  Other times, there’s silence unless I follow up.      

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