Friday, January 04, 2013

Healthcare Cost- Take 2

Will new healthcare laws really help those who don't have insurance?  How about those, such as myself, who pay hundreds of dollars every month but still have high deductibles?  Those who have insurance, but often when we need something, it might not be covered at all, much less fully covered?

For example, an online chat with customer service confirmed that Aetna covers a "routine" colonoscopy at age 50.  They don't cover any pathology charges.  Who knows before taking the test if ours will be routine?  Whether there'll be additional charges, or how much they'll be? 

Also, Aetna won't cover the full cost of the prep my doctor chose. With it, patients drink a lot less bad-tasting liquid can choose among assorted clear liquids for most of it.  Apparently I'm fortunate that they'll even cover some...around 12%.  That leaves me paying appx. $83.  I can, but how many can't?  How many will have to endure additional suffering for this and other procedures because their insurance companies won't cover state of the art treatments or prescriptions?

I wonder how many of us feel like victims at times, little Davids or Davidas nearly helpless in the face of Goliath's rules handed down from on high that often don't serve those who are paying for service.  If we spend our time and make the effort to take on the insurance company, to question or appeal any decision or charge we don't agree with or understand, is victory worth it on principle, or do we have a chance of actually saving money?  Or do we just pay the bill?  Should we be grateful to have any coverage at all?

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