Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting something on the calendar

I still prefer to use a Day-Timer for my calendaring.  Though I know things like Outlook and Google calendars can sync phone and computer, I like the ease of flipping open my little notebook and seeing a month at a glance instead of waiting for the computer screen to load and clicking around.

Because my schedule changes so frequently, and some days I have to check my calendar many times, I need quick access to upcoming business and social events. Auditions and callbacks pop up and require fast response.  Colleagues and friends may reschedule, or I might.  And sometimes more than once, depending on work conflicts that arise.   

This week I was on hold for a VO Monday morning, meaning the client was deciding between me and maybe one or two others, so I had to keep that time open.  Until I didn't get it.  Late Monday I got a check avail for another VO to record Tuesday or Wednesday, meaning the client has chosen a few people and wants to know our availability.  I pencilled those times in, but found out Tuesday afternoon that the project had been postponed and there'd likely be another check avail next week.  I hope I find out before it's too late to change a couple of routine doctor appointments and can avoid cancellation fees. 

And when it rains, it often pours.  A friend recently said after he'd booked a job, he couldn't do another the same day that paid a lot more.  Recently I missed out on a huge audition because the 5 minute slot they had for me was in the middle of a VO job.  I was only 4 blocks away, but they couldn't give me another time.  Once I had three on-camera auditions at three different an hour and 45 minutes.  Other days, no work or auditions.

There are just so many people who can control the timing of and have to coordinate every step of any given project...the client, the ad agency, a casting agency, the production team, even the location.  For example, I had a job at a store, and we could only film after it closed.

We never know when the phone will ring/emails will pop up...for auditions, callbacks, check avails, holds or new work.  Or when or if any of those will change.   

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