Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's in your head right now?

When you get a song stuck in your head, how do you get rid of it? Some suggest thinking of another song, such as the theme from Gilligan’s Island. But that might get stuck in your head, which could be more annoying than the song you replayed before....

And how do you let go of or stop thinking about something important going on in your (or a close friend's or family member’s) life, such as a huge audition, job interview or upcoming major decision? Often the higher the stakes of a given opportunity, the greater the possibility it could change your life or the more you want it, the more fretting or freaking out beforehand. The more dwelling and ruminating afterward...until you find out if you did or didn’t get it, or enough time passes that you’re comfortable that you made the right choice.

Preparation helps ease stress. Having a friend discuss options, approaches or pros/cons, run lines before an audition or ask those “where do you see yourself in five years” questions to force you to rehearse out loud can enhance confidence. Concentrating on enthusiasm instead of nerves, deep breathing and/or keeping busy so you focus on the task at hand are additional approaches.  Believe you've done the best you can.

On the other hand, learning from any mistakes may make you feel better about the next time. At recent auditions I've heard things like, “I should’ve worked more on those lines.”

So perhaps the most effective approach is to be in and enjoy the moment you’re in right now. Staying in your head, letting nerves get the best of you while auditioning or interviewing won't help you do better. Neither worrying about what ifs of the future nor living in the past enhance today.

This, of course, is sometimes easier said than done. “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale...”

How can you not think about that song now?

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Nancy said...

How can I not hear that song now?

Because I'm on a three hour tour? *g*

Seriously, though, great post, Ruth! You make some excellent points.