Thursday, June 21, 2012

Technology I need to learn

Computer technology changes so quickly that it's easy to fall behind or miss out on useful features.  I confess I tend to put off computer-y things.  As mentioned before, I don't like trial and error and have found that many tutorials are slow-paced or take too long to get to or don't cover what I want to know.  In the past week alone, it's become clear that I need to spend more time learning and utilizing several sites, programs, etc. 

I'm a bit leery about diving into these as yet barely charted waters, but....

1) Twitter.  I already have some followers and keep hearing how this or that person connected with or learned from following some industry professional.  Yet so far, I've found reading tweets confusing and mostly uninformative.  And there are so many!  I haven't thought of anything useful to say.  To me, it's slightly annoying when tweets go directly to Facebook and you see a bunch in a row.  So I need to learn how to tweet effectively and separate the wheat from the chaff. 

2) Wordpress.  So that I (or with a friend's help) can quickly and more frequently update and add to my voiceover/on-camera site, my designer is transferring it to Wordpress.  More than one person has said it's easy to use, but I had trouble figuring out Weebly and I've heard Wordpress is more challenging.  The few things I've heard have been mentioned people who know what they're doing vs. explaining in layman's terms.  

3)  Cloud computing.  I do some, but options and ways to organize are numerous and confusing.  And I'm not sure how to benefit from some of the features of sites I'm on.  

What do you need to learn?

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