Thursday, June 28, 2012

California, here I come?

I haven’t taken that many vacations since I became a feelancer. Why? Because every time I have, I’ve missed opportunities for auditions and work. Because I never know when a significant project will pop up. For example, I recently got a large VO project due in July.

For many years I’ve taken a trip to Romance Writers of America’s national conference. I say trip, not vacation, because the conference is so jam-packed with activities (from workshops to keynote speakers to book signings to appointments with editors and agents to catching up with and making new friends) that the day might start with an early morning breakfast meeting and continue through a late-night party. Yes, parties are fun, but because of the need to be “on,” not exactly relaxing. A friend and I stayed for a few days after the New York conference last year to see several shows....basically a long weekend, which was a lot of fun.

This year’s conference is in a few weeks in Anaheim. I’ve decided not to make another trek to California. I’d rather be right on the beach enjoying the setting and restaurants than spend the vast majority of my California time in a hotel near Disneyland.

And to get the most out of the events, I’d miss 4 weekdays. That may not sound like a lot to some who get paid vacation, but a big audition can pop up at any time. If I get a callback, my agent and the casting agency will know, which I might prove beneficial with future auditions. If I book the job, it means income and new/reinforced connections, and shows my agent, the casting agency, the production company and the client that I can do the work.

The occasional weekend getaway is the answer.  On the one hand, I might still miss work.  The Biography Channel pilot I’m working on shoots on a Friday and Saturday. I didn’t know if my character would be needed those days when I accepted the role. On the other hand, everyone needs time off, away from thinking about work and typing for hours on a computer responding to client emails, recording, editing and sending audio files.

When and where will my next weekend getaway be?

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